Aesthetic filling

Aesthetic filling

Aesthetic filling is a safe, treatment method that preserves the natural tissues of your teeth, during which using composite filling materials tooth colour is changed or restored, as well as clearness, shape, worn out, chipped or seriously damaged by tooth decay, undesirable gaps between teeth (diastema), large fillings that have collected pigments in their corners are replaced.

Today it is probably the least invasive and quickest procedure that achieves a beautiful smile. By restoring the teeth directly with composite filling materials that were created according to nanotechnologies, their features are close to the natural properties of the hard tissues of tooth, in most cases the teeth remain lively, if the teeth were not previously treated endodontically, the shape of the teeth, their size, clarity and colour are restored.

Anaesthetic filling is particularly effective in cases of dental wear. When the biting edge of the tooth is worn, dentin that is beneath is exposed, and it wears down quicker than the enamel of the tooth. The aesthetic filling becomes essential to protect the tooth from future damage.

In what instances is aesthetic filling recommended

Aesthetic filling is recommended when a person is not happy with the shape, size, colour, incorrect positioning in the dental arch, visible old fillings, a gap between their teeth (diastema). Most often aesthetic filling is done for the front teeth. However, molars can have their individual anatomy, lines, mounds, height, restored in this way too.

The exclusivity of the aesthetic filling is that it can solve the whole problem in a single visit. At once it is possible to restore from one to ten teeth. After 6-8 hours you can enjoy a beautiful, white, impeccable smile.

Aesthetic filling is not recommended when the root of the tooth is damaged and few on the natural healthy dental tissues remain. In such instances aesthetic prosthesis is recommended.


Aesthetic tooth restoration: 150 – 200 €


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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