Endodontics is the treatment of the dental pulp, during which root canals are cleaned in a chemo-mechanical way and filled. After cleaning of the root system, the teeth are filled or the tooth is crowned. Endodontic treatment is chosen when the tooth is no longer viable, and its soft tissues are damaged by microorganisms. If needed secondary endodontic treatment is executed. That is treatment of inflammation of alveolar bone when trying to save the tooth if root canals were treated successfully in the past. The success of this treatment is not always sustainable long term.

Endodontic treatment demands great precision, is completed with special instruments using dental loupes. This kind of treatment is sustainable and long-lasting. What does the procedure look like? Firstly, the patient’s condition is evaluated X-ray images are made. Then, after anaesthetising the patient, the tooth canal is cleaned mechanically and chemically. The root canals are measured and formed, and hermetically sealed.

In what instances endodontic treatment is recommended?

Timely root canal treatment is particularly important for the preservation of a damaged tooth. How can You know if You will need root canal treatment? Pain is the main warning sign: it may be acute, spasmodic, spread into ear area, temporal bone, or it can be a constant ache. It is recommended to consult with your doctor, whether you feel pain from heat, when biting or upon touching for no reason, if the colour of the tooth has changed, the gums are swollen or if you have experienced tooth trauma. Sometimes there may be no significant symptoms.

More and more often specialists of this field use microscopes.

Swiss microscope Leica M320 F12 has a particularly intensive LED lighting, it magnifies 40 times.

Because of this lighting and magnifying equipment, the treatment of tooth canals has become more successful. Now the doctor can see and control the procedures inside the tooth really well. Because of this equipment, it is possible to diagnose precisely tooth damage or traumas and make correct and important decisions regarding treatment and tactics.

By magnifying in various ways, it is possible to inspect the crown tooth, tissues damaged by decay, the condition of gums, and the micro-conductivity of fillings. Various procedures can be completed particularly precisely. With the aid of a microscope, the interior of the tooth is very visible, thus it is very easy to remove filling materials, or detached instruments, from root canals during secondary treatment. Splints or broken of pieces should be removed with the aid of the microscope to protect maximum amount of natural tooth tissues during treatment.


Treatment of the one-root tooth canal: 30 €
Treatment of the two-root tooth canal: 55 €
Treatment of the three-root tooth canal: 78 €
Filling of the one-root tooth canal: 30 €
Filling of the two-root tooth canal: 55 €
Filling of the three-root tooth canal: 78 €
Retreatment of the tooth canal: 40 – 60 €
Placement of the cofferdam: 4 €
Removal of the cast core inlay: 80 €
Removal of the metal endopost: 50 €
Removal of the silver pin: 60 €
Removal of the silver pin: 28 €


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Aesthetic dentistry

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