Implantation is one of the most advanced methods of tooth restoration, and its success rate is 95-99%. The advantage is that the nearby teeth will not have to be polished as well as their longevity, bone erosion is prevented in the area of a lost tooth, chewing pressure is distributed equally and nearby teeth do not change their position, become lose or painful. The chewing and phonetic functions are restored along with aesthetics.

Tooth implant is a titanium or porcelain screw replacing the root of the non-existent tooth, that is inserted into the jawbone. Atop the implant, usually, a crown is fitted. It is possible to restore a single tooth or a whole row of teeth with implants. They can be inserted in upper or lower jawbone.

In some instances, when a tooth has been missing for a long time, bone loss occurs. Then, bone augmentation (or bone grafting) is essential for placing the implant. This involves grafting bone or bone-like materials.

Tooth implants heal in about 3 to 6 months. Only then prosthesis can be attached to the implant.

In our clinic, we use Swiss Straumann and German Meisinger implants.

Straumann implants system is the most scientifically based implant system. The components for these implants are manufactured in Switzerland and the United States of America. Straumann patented SLActive surface allows for attachment of prosthesis sooner than other implants. Successful healing of implants reaches 98-99%.

Meisinger implants are manufactured by one of the oldest (operational since 1888!) and most experienced dental companies in Meisinger, Germany. These are high-quality implants, distinguished with all qualities of good implants, great healing and longevity. Meisinger implant has a perfect value and price balance. Implants are given lifelong warranty.


Implantation Straumann SLAactive: 699 €
Implantation Straumann | 1 tooth: 599 €
Implantation Straumann | 2 teeth and more: 550 €
Implantation Medentika | 1 tooth: 450 €
Implantation Medentika | 2 teeth and more: 435 €
Screwing of the healing cap: 60 €


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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