Laura Pranskūnienė

Laura Pranskūnienė


The doctor works as the prosthodontist. Her work areas: microprosthetics, filling, reconstruction of smile and the back teeth defects with crowns, bridges as well as prostheses on implants and removable prostheses.


2008 – 2013 – Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Odontology study program

Development of qualification

  • 09.2015 – “Modern Implantology and Periodontology – a Challenge for a Team Work”
  • 05.2015 – “Control of Complications in the Orthopedic Dentostry”
  • 04.2015 – “Immediate Prosthetics on Implants: Team Approach”
  • 02.2015 – “EFP Protocol and Adhesive Dentistry: Diagnostics and Treatment Planning in Performance of Ordinary and Complex Occlusive Rehabilitations”
  • 04.2014 – “Safe Preparation of Teeth for Microprosthetics. Methodology for Accurate Taking of Print”
  • 03.2014 – “Microprosthetics with inlays, onlays and partial crowns from gold, ceramics and CAD / CAM”
  • 03.2014 – “Use of the Face Arches, Registrates and Articulators for Occlusion Diagnostics and Therapy”
  • 10.2013 – “Restoration of Worn Teeth Increasing the Bite with Composites”
  • 12.2013 – “Aesthetic Restoration of the Front Teeth and Molars with Composites and Glass-ionomers. Restoration of the Molar Treated Endodontically with the Glass-fibre Composite EverX and Composite”
  • 10-11.05.2013 – “Digital Dentistry Nowadays”, the Dental Orthopedic Study Club


Since 2013 – a member of the Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania


Leisure time

The doctor likes to devote her free time to her closest people and communication with them. Inseparable part of her life is travelling. During warm season she tries to be in unvisited yet areas or to visit her favourite places, and in winter season she likes having active relaxation in the mountains while skiing. Leisure time is inseparable from reading and photography.


“The most important thing is peace. In mind and spirit. Then all goals, works and environment obey to you.”