Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

Correct oral hygiene care is a guarantee of a healthy and beautiful smile. It is very important to know how to correctly clean your teeth and between your teeth, to choose correct personal hygiene equipment, to prevent dental and periodontal diseases.

Daily oral care is the first step towards healthy and gums. The main reasons for periodontal and dental disease appearance are primarily plaque and bacteria found within.

However, successful cleaning of teeth is not always possible, especially in hard to reach areas. Built-up food on tooth surfaces becomes a soft layer of plaque, the bacteria in it cause dental decay and gum inflammation – gingivitis. Gums begin bleeding, become sore and sensitive. Cleaning dental surfaces becomes more difficult and unpleasant. Plaque that remains in our mouth hardens after a while. This is how tartar forms, which is impossible to remove with daily dental hygiene products. This is why it is recommended (at least once every six months) to have professionally performed oral hygiene.

During the professional oral hygiene procedure tartar, soft plaque, pigmentation stains are removed, which appear from coffee, tea, tobacco and other foodstuffs and drinks that contain strong pigments. Also, tooth and filling surfaces are polished, patients are taught, how to take care of their teeth and gums correctly, appropriate dental care products are recommended, which help effectively heal inflammation and to maintain oral hygiene.

Untreated dental inflammation and poor daily dental care increase the spread of tooth decay, and untreated gingivitis increases the risk of periodontitis.


Lesson of the oral hygiene: 7 €
Professional oral hygiene (purification of stones and plaque with AirFlow, teeth polishing): 35 – 49 €
Professional oral hygiene | complicated | 2 stages (purification of stones and plaque with AirFlow, teeth polishing): 70 €
Plaque purification with soda (AirFlow): 35 €


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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