Orthodontic treatment is used for correction of crooked teeth, incorrect occlusion, resolving the developmental issues of the jaw. Incorrect occlusion can be diagnosed to every other person, it is noticeable in childhood, however, it is possible to resolve orthodontic issues even later in life.

In what instances orthodontic treatment is recommended?

Crooked teeth are not just an aesthetic problem. They can cause headaches, cracking of jaw joints or pain, lead to unwanted wrinkles. Because of this, it is particularly important to pay attention to incorrect occlusion, crooked or crowded teeth, especially if this causes You discomfort.

Types of Orthodontic devices

There a few orthodontic device options. Usually, they are metal braces, ceramic braces or invisible braces. Metal braces are the most popular, but also the most noticeable. They are most resistant to mechanical effects and most comfortable for the patient. Ceramic braces are less noticeable because they are the same colour as the tooth. Sapphire braces are also unnoticeable. They are manufactured with mire streamlined edges, thus do not cause discomfort to the wearer. In the meantime, self-ligating braces are new generation braces that hold many advantages. Firstly, they are less noticeable, easier to clean, treatment is shorter, thus fewer visits to the doctor are needed. There are also lingual braces, they are fixed to the interior side of the tooth, thus are completely invisible from the outside. These can irritate the mucous membrane, as the membrane of the tongue is relatively sensitive. Mostly used in less complicated instances.


Dentist’s consultation: 15 €
Tooth separation | 1 tooth: 6 €
Placement of the ring: 29 €
Recementing of the ring: 10 €
Replacement of the wire: 40 €
Activation of the wire: 25 €
Sticking of the retention wire: 58 €
Sticking of the tube: 20 €
Removal of brackets + retainer: 150 €
Removal of brackets | 1 unit: 9 €
Retention: 50 €
Retention plate: 75 €
Placement of the metal brackets: 450 €
Placement of the sapphire brackets: 760 €
Placement of the metal self-ligating brackets: 730 €
Placement of self-ligating aesthetic brackets: 870 €
Sticking of the metal brackets: 38 €
Sticking of the sapphire brackets: 64 €
Sticking of the self-ligating aesthetic brackets: 61 €
Resticking of brackets: 20 €
Sticking up of the button: 61 €
Correction of the denture: 25 – 60 €
Correction, activation of the denture: 10 – 15 €
Functional apparatus: 210 €
Denture with screws: 160 €
Trainer: 102 €
Screw for fast extension: 145 €
Apparatus for external tension: 116 €
Loop retaining the wire: 65 €
Microimplant: 150 €


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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