Dental prosthesis is a procedure, during which seriously damaged or destroyed teeth are recreated. The word prosthetics sounds unpleasant to most, however, once metal-free ceramics became more frequent in dental treatment the meaning of the term has changed into a positive one. Less polishing is done, the remaining tooth is prepared with only minimal invasion, keeping as many healthy tissues as possible. Metal ceramics are slowly being pushed out due to insufficient aesthetics and gum problems.

Depending on the defect, a dental prosthesis may mean veneers, crowns, porcelain overlays, bridges, removable prosthetics, implants and crowns on implants as well as the Pro Arch method.

Veneers are made from metal-free ceramics (porcelain) for front teeth.

Crowns can be used for all teeth. They are attached to your own teeth covering the remaining walls of the teeth. They are recommended when large filling keep coming out, when a part of the tooth is broken, when it is essential to adjust the height of the occlusion after a root canal treatment, restoring the underdeveloped shape of teeth.

Overlays are made from porcelain for molars.

Bridges are recommended, when one or more teeth are missing and for one reason or another an implant is not placed but it is essential to restore the function of the missing teeth. Bridges do not allow the surrounding teeth to change their position, prevent deformations of dental rows, redistribute the chewing pressure equally, restores occlusion and condition of the temporomandibular joint.

Removable dentures (removable partial dentures, complete dentures) are recommended when serious dental defects are present. Now they are chosen far less frequently and are replaced by implants. Individuals do not have to deal with the discomfort of wearing dentures.

Implants and crowns on implants are recommended when the root is no longer present, on which a crown could be fitted.

Pro Arch method is recommended for individuals with a complete tooth loss, it is a non-removable denture, that is affixed upon 4 implants in the lower jawbone and 6 implants on the upper jawbone. More about it.

In what instances dental prosthetics are recommended? 

Dental prosthetics are recommended, when a great part of dental tissues are lost, rows of teeth are damaged, teeth damage is severe on teeth that receive great chewing pressure, also on occasions when old, inaccurate, worn-out restorations are present, due to pathological wear, after periodontal surgeries or orthodontic treatment for tooth shape or contact restoration. Dental prosthetics restore chewing and phonetic functions, height of the occlusion and aesthetics.

Inlay removal: 15 – 30 €
Crown removal: 15 – 30 €
Inlay core: 66 – 86 €
Restoration of the core with the glass-fibre pin: 70 €
Restoration of the core with the glass-fibre pin | 2 – 3 units: 80 – 100 €
Correction of the plate: 30 – 55 €
Metal-free ceramic prostheses
Zirconia ceramic crown: 434 €
Metal-free ceramic E-max crown: 434 €
E-max onlay: 434 €
Laminate E-max pressed: 579 €
Laminate of the layered ceramics: 724 €
Zirconia crown on the implant Straumann: 699 €
Zirconia crown on the implant Mesinger: 640 €
Individual zirconia support for implant: 289 €
Metal ceramics prostheses
Metal ceramic crown: 230 €
Metal ceramic crown in the area of the front teeth | individualized: 290 €
Metal ceramic crown with neck mass: 280 €
Metal ceramic crown on the implant: 579 €
Individual zirconia titanium support: 289 €
Metal prostheses
Cast core inlay: 72 – 100 €
Cast crown: 160 €
Individual: 289 €
Plastic prostheses
Temporary plastic crown: 50 – 60 €
Individual spoon: 25 €
Temporary plastic crown on the implant: 115 €
Prostheses removable
Full denture: 335 €
Gapless denture | 1-2 teeth: 115 €
Gapless denture | 3-4 teeth: 145 €
Arch supporting prosthesis: 724 – 1014 €
Denture on 2 implants: 579 €
Restoration of prostheses
Correction | fraction of the denture: 30 €
Correction | fraction of the denture | with the net: 50 €
Denture relining: 50 €
Prosthetics | cementing
Cementing of the onlay, laminate and metal-free crown: 30 €
Cementing of the temporary crown: 3 €
Cementing of the constant crown | 1 unit: 15 €
Cementing of the constant crown | 4 unit: 35 €


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