Dental surgery is a wide orthodontics field, that covers not only the tooth, but also tongue, oral mucosa, salivary glands, jawbones, sinus pathologies or growth diagnostics and surgical treatment.

In MedWell clinic we offer surgical orthodontics services:

  1. Consultations regarding the removal of teeth.
  2. Tooth removal.
  3. Consultations and treatment of bone, periosteum, salivary gland pathology.
  4. Consultations and treatment of jawbone related traumas and breaks.
  5. Consultations and treatment related to temporomandibular joint pathologies.
  6. Abscess opening and treatment.
  7. Lingual and labial frenectomy for children.
  8. Treatment and removal of cysts, granulomas.
  9. Root resection, hemisection and amputation.

Essential requirements for tooth removal:

  1. Tooth or its root unsuitable for any treatment.
  2. Wisdom teeth that have grown in an incorrect position.
  3. Teeth that cause pathologies of occlusion and cannot be treated.
  4. Retained tooth (fully developed but for various reasons non-erupted).
  5. Tooth or root fracture.
  6. Wide-spread periodontal disease.
  7. Causative tooth, that caused an abscess.


The doctor will inform you on the exact price during your consultation


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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