Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in the aesthetic dentistry. During this procedure, yellowed teeth are whitened and smile is embellished. A person gets more self-confident, freer to smile and communicate.

Teeth can change colour due to many reasons, including ageing, consumption of colouring beverages (coffee, tea, wine), smoking, genetic features, systemic diseases and general condition of a human as well as use of various antibiotics. Teeth whitening can be carried out at the dentist’s or the patient can carry it out at his home using kappas made in the clinic.

In the clinic MedWell, three teeth whitening options are available:

1. Whitening with the use of an advanced and probably the safest system Beyond, whereof results – a smile whiter in 8 tones – remain for 2 years.

2. Whitening with kappas made according to your teeth. They are placed on teeth together with a small amount of a special gel for three nights in turn. After some time whitening is repeated and then the final result can be seen. Rewhitening using the same kappas could be made after half a year.

3. Whitening in the dentist’s office using special whitening pasta.


Teeth whitening by special lamp in the office: 250 €
Teeth whitening by kappas: 122 €
Teeth whitening in the office: 140 €


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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