X-ray pictures

X-ray pictures

For your convenience, in the clinic we can make necessary radiography.

With the new dental X-ray system CS 8100 3D from Carestream 3D every client of our clinic can benefit from advantages of 3D technology.

Advantage of the equipment – safer diagnostics: availability to control duration, resolution and radiation dose of each diagnostics. With the specialised technology the radiation dose is the least possible and the scanning duration is significantly shorter that in other usual computed tomography. It guarantees at once good picture and eliminates need for repetitive pictures. Comfortable human friendly “face-to-face” design. It can be simply adjusted and is comfortable for a man of any height, including clients in the wheelchair.

Possibilities of the apparatus are universal, including from traditional panoramic pictures up to the use in the endodontics, planning of implants and oral surgery. Each time the diagnostics is precisely accurate and unquestionable.


Dental photo: 6 €
Panoramic photo: 18 €


Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

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