Žaneta Boverytė-Vaitekūnė

Žaneta Boverytė-Vaitekūnė


The doctor’s specialisation is prosthetics with fixed metal-free or metal ceramics prostheses, prosthetics on implants, microprosthetics using aesthetic inlays (outlays), laminates, and restoration of the bite height. Žaneta has accumulated of 8-year experience. During this time she studied aesthetic prosthetics not only in Lithuania but also visiting famous foreign specialists.


  • In 2007 – Vilnius University, Dentistry

Licence No. OPL 02694


A member of the Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania

A member of  Lithuanian Dental Orthopedic Society

Development of qualification

  • 2017 03 11 „Orthodontic treatment using aligeners”
  • 2016 02 12 „Dental implantology surgery and prosthetic aspects“
  • 2015 09 11 „Financial management and personnel management“
  • 02.2015 – “Periodontology News”, Lithuanian Society of Periodontology
  • 13-14.06.2014 – “Restoration of the Dental Biomechanics and Aesthetics. Glass and Zirconia Oxide Ceramics. Microprosthetics: Laminates, Onlays, Crowns”, Lithuania
  • 23.05.2013 – “Good Servicing Laws in the Dentistry Institutions”
  • 12-13.12.2013 – “The Main Grinding Principles and Microprosthetics Indications”
  • 29-30.11.2013 – “Treatment of the Gum Recessions and Wedge-shaped Defects from Perspective of the Orthodontist, Periodontist and Dental Technician”
  • 28.09.2013 – “Injection Control”, “Professional Ethics of the Dentist”
  • 28.09.2013 – “The First Aid”, “Prevention of Oral Diseases”
  • 06-10.06.2013 – “Aesthetic Dentistry Full of HD”, Italy
  • 10-11.05.2013 – “Digital Dentistry Nowadays”, The Dental Orthopedic Study Club
  • 09.05.2013 – “Dental Implant Prosthetics Complications. How to Prevent them and How to Solve Them Efficiently?”
  • 06.04.2013 – “Communication – a Value That Needs to be Learnt”, Lithuania
  • 02.03.2013 – “Periodontology News”
  • 26-27.10.2012 – “Craniomandibular Disorders Interdisciplinary Aspects”
  • 25.1.2015 – “Intercommunication between the Dentist and the Dental Technician”, Craniomandibular Academy, Germany
  • 16.03.2012 – “Dental Photography in the Clinical Practice: Dental and Portrait Photography ABC with Practice of Participants of the Courses”
  • 09-10.03.2012 – International Bruxism Conference
  • 29-30.09.2011 – Baltic Osteointegration Conference, Lithuania
  • 15.04.2011 – “Restoration of Worn Teeth with Composite Fillers Increasing the Bite Height”
  • 02.04.2011 – “Prosthetics on Implants.” How to Safe a Reliable Function and Aesthetics”
  • 05.03.2011 – “Biological Kappas Usage Principles, Kappas, Miorelax Kappas in the Jawbone Relation, the Essential Moments of Their Production and Application”
  • 04.12.2010 – “Occlusion Solutions for Different Angle Classes. Dental and Occlusal Morphology”. Germany
  • 12-13.11.2010 – “Challenges and Achievements in Restoration and Functional Odontology”
  • 11.11.2010 – “Laminates, Practice of Prosthetics with Metal-free Ceramics at Dr. Mauro Fradeani”, Italy
  • 29-30.10.2010 – “Analysis of the Face, Speech and Models for Planning of Dental Prostheses”
  • 09.10.2010 – “Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth with Metal-free Glass-fibre Dental Post Inlays and Preparation”
  • 02.10.2010 – “Direct Restoration of the Canine Path with Composites”
  • 10-11.09.2010 – “New Achievement in the Dental Implantation”, Lithuania
  • 07.05.2010 – “Function. Practical Use of the Facial Arch and Articulator”, Lithuania
  • 08.05.2010 – “Dogmas in the Prosthodontics. Critical Approach”, the Prosthodontic Study Club
  • 23-24.04.2010 – “”News and Current Issues in the Dentist’s Practice”, Palanga
  • 20.02.2010 – “Dental Implants: Surgical and Orthopedic Stages”, Lithuania
  • 30.01.2010 – “Current Issues in the Dentistry”, Lithuania


Leisure time

During leisure time the doctor likes active movement – cycling, jogging, skiing, wrestling with kites, walking and playing with the dog.


“Every client is exceptional with his/her exceptional needs, and I feel perfectly being able to offer a solution meeting his/her needs and possibilities. I am happy to see my clients smiling.”