Periodontology is the treatment of the tissues surrounding the tooth (gingiva, bone) check-up and treatment. Periodontal diseases are most often caused by bacterial plaque that forms around the tooth and irritates the gums surrounding the tooth.

Periodontium is the surrounding tissues of the tooth. It comprises of gingiva, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. The tooth is attached to the bone with the aid of periodontal ligaments at the socket of the tooth, which is called alveolar bone. Gingiva covers the bone and connects directly with the surface of the tooth. Between gingiva and teeth, an interdental gingiva forms, the depth of which is usually around 1 – 3 mm. Interdental gingiva is a natural barrier against infection.

If a person brushes their teeth infrequently or insufficiently, the soft coating covers interdental gingiva, which is perfect environment for bacteria.

In what instances periodontological treatment is recommended?

When plaque is not removed in time, gums are swollen and begin bleeding. These are the first symptoms of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)/ Later if plaque isn’t removed, minerals from your saliva are deposited into the plaque biofilm causing it to harden, turning plaque into tartar. Tartar forms not only above gums but also under them. Because of this gum circulation is disrupted, periodontal ligament is damaged, and a pocket appears between gum and tooth. In time the inflammation spreads, affecting not just the gums but also the jawbone resulting in bone loss. This is how gingivitis turns into periodontitis. The sooner the patient will receive the treatment, the simpler it will be to treat the disease.


Making the seam: 10 €
Fitting the mandrel: 18 €
Scar polishing | 1 time: 20 €
Gingivectomia | 1 tooth: 50 €
Deep undergum cleaning | curettage | 1 tooth: 15 €
Conservative periodontal treatment | 1/4 of jaw | weak: 50 €
Conservative periodontal treatment | 1/4 of jaw | complicated: 70 €
Flap surgery | 1 tooth: 45 €
Flap surgery | 1/4 of the jawbone  | simple: 160 €
Flap surgery | 1/4 of the jawbone  | complicated: 180 €
Root resection + retrogade root filling: 60 €
Root resection complicated + retrogade root filling: 120 €
Hemisection | 1 procedure: 60 €
Incision | 1 procedure: 10 €
Removal of the bony growth: 50 €
Correction of the alveolar bone and contouring of gums of the 1st tooth: 20 €
Dental cyst surgery | smaller than 1 cm: 60 €
Dental cyst surgery | larger than 1 cm: 100 €
Surgical treatment of pericoronoritis | 1 tooth: 20 €
Surgical treatment of | 1 tooth: 15 €
Plastics of the tongue leash: 40 €
Plastics of the lip leash: 40 €
Clinical prolongation of the crown with reduction of the alveolar bone: 50 €
Surgical treatment of the recession | 1 tooth: 100 €
Bone augmentation through implantation: 145 €
Opening of the impacted tooth for orthodontics: 60 €


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